3 Digital Experiences in Marketing

New approaches and new marketing trends paved the way for better relations between the brand and the customers. Marketing technologies growing fast due to the strong presence of social media and the importance of the digital era. Everything today can be transformed into a form of digital communication that gives a customer the best brand experience. Marketing techniques are evolving by the days and till today we have witnessed a huge success in different approaches.

Immersive Experiences

We will discuss the 3 different digital experiences in marketing. They might really look the same, but they have many differences between them:

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IGTV Is Here!

There were news about Facebook TV being launched last year but did we see IGTV coming?

IGTV, Instagram’s new video platform (the newly added icon you’ve probably noticed by now on the top of your screen) is for watching long-form, vertical videos from your favorite Instagram creators. It is available in the Instagram app as a new feature as well as a stand-alone app!

This invention is Instagram’s way of trying to turn traditional TV watching to a modern mobile friendly one. Instagram made clear what was driving its decision to support long-form video: It’s trying to appeal to a younger generation of consumers who are increasingly consuming video on mobile devices. Now other than personal usage, we’ve presented you with IGTV tips for businesses!

IGTV uses for your business:

  • Training videos

Because of the extended length of videos, you can use IGTV for welcome and training videos. For example, walk users through daily tasks as well as giving your employees the training they need.

  • Demonstrations

You can use IGTV to demonstrate the use of your product or service in details to avoid people understanding your business in a wrong way.

  • Marketing and Advertising

Although it hasn’t been approved that IGTV will contain advertising tools but there’s a high possibility for this app to become ad-friendly. And through IGTV, businesses can achieve higher reach since Instagram is already widely used and IGTV will likely drive a lot of user traffic.


A lot like YouTube you might say, but it seems a bit more practical and we’re excited about what’s next!  What do you think?

What You Should Know About the GDPR

As we all know, Facebook is having some issues with privacy lately and protection processes are being planned. One of them is the GDPR compliance in Europe – to protect user information.
What does this mean for online advertisers? Read on to find out!

What Is GDPR?
GDPR – General Data Protection Regular is a regulation that requires companies to protect the personal data and privacy of residents of EU countries. It replaces an outdated data protection directive from 1995 and restricts the way businesses collect, store and export people’s personal data. It promises to be the most profound user data protection program and it ensures that people will have the right to be their own data controllers.

How Does The GDPR Affect Facebook Ads?
If you are an advertiser on Facebook, you know very well that there are custom audiences and the Facebook Pixel to use in order to target the right people. Well, this will be affected as of May 25th, 2018, because of the changes that will happen in how you collect data. Regardless if you are marketing to European audiences or not, you must be Facebook-compliant by that date. Facebook’s new privacy rules will affect businesses worldwide, even if you are based outside the EU and aren’t necessarily targeting European citizens.
For instance, any data you collected for a custom audience (name, phone number, email, etc..) without the consent from the people to market them, must be deleted by May 25, 2018.

The GDPR and Google: Cookies & Remarketing
Similarly, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or the AdWords Remarketing code used to build valuable, specific audiences must also obtain consent from your target.
Per Google, “Advertisers using AdWords will be required to obtain consent for the use of cookies where legally required, and for the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalized ads for users in the EEA (European Economic Area). This includes use of remarketing tags and conversion tags. Where legally required advertisers must also clearly identify each party that may collect, receive, or use end users’ personal data.”
In other words, if you’re using a Google product to track your prospects’ preferences and interests in order to serve them personalized ads, they must approve first.


In a nutshell, consent from the public to use their data will be needed as of the 25th of May. It’s still a bit vague how those in the online marketing industry will be able to advertise and what that would mean for brands.

3D Projection Mapping

For all those who asked, “what is 3D projection mapping?”, we’re here to familiarize you with a whole new world of video projections! 3D projection mapping is a technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may vary from complex industrial landscapes, buildings, theatrical stages to small indoor objects. With the use of a specified software and a projector, the object is reproduced spatially and then the animation created will be projected on the real object fitting its surface.

When It Comes To Advertising, 3D Mapping Projections Make Very Cool Advertising.

Advertising is taken to the next level with 3D projection mapping where our team at Cre8mania go beyond borders. In 2015, 3D Mapping in Lebanon was redefined with the launching of the book “The Happiness of Yaya.” A world first, a short film was screened in 3D simultaneously on the face and bust of Zahi Haddad, author and main character of the film, as well as a traditional screen. (view here)

Think about it, 3D projection mapping allows the product to be displayed in 3D and actually interact with you.  Not only will you expose your brand in unexpected places, reach a large number of people, it is much more visible and fun, especially at night! Check La Nuit Des Musees Liban 2018 3D Mapping

After all, it is purely an expression of art in a way that no ordinary advertising technique can be, in addition to it being a tool of innovation and it makes your brand more familiar to your target audience, young and old.

Marketing and Event Managers, you can be innovative on a large or small scale using any of our Digital Out Of Home innovations. Click here to see what we mean!



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In 2014, Oculus was brought by Facebook and Google cardboard has also been launched. Then you have every major (and not so major) manufacturer – mainly the smartphone industry – creating VR gear: Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, LG 360 VR.
Needless to say the gaming industry is in the VR race too, PS4 being the first to start with the PS4 VR.

So what is coming up during this year?

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