What should we expect from the Virtual Reality (VR) in 2017

Ever since its conception, the virtual reality (VR) has been evolving more and more, technologically and therefore with the content produced;

In 2014, Oculus was brought by Facebook and Google cardboard has also been launched. Then you have every major (and not so major) manufacturer – mainly the smartphone industry – creating VR gear: Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, LG 360 VR.
Needless to say the gaming industry is in the VR race too, PS4 being the first to start with the PS4 VR.

So what is coming up during this year?

During the CES 2017 that took place in early January in Las Vegas, mainly the following has been presented at the fair:  Professional VR cameras, 360 lenses, new and improved VR headsets, new VR games, new VR apps  VR Chairs (You can check the Cre8mania VR Chair here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVtMB0FW1wM), VR gloves as controllers; This is just to state a few.

For the full list of the upcoming events, go to: http://get2growth.com/vr-events-2017/

The content and digital agencies are also part of this growth and we expect that the following will happen:

  • There will be longer VR films and animations: from a couple of minutes’ animations and short movies to full series and longer films.
  • With the new VR cameras and VR lenses and the latest VR engines, producers and directors as well as production houses are being able to translate their ideas with more ease
  • VR will be more used in fashion and retail, providing personalized and immersive experiences to the consumers
  • More VR Games will be thought off, designed, and produced for VR experience only.

Resident evil 7 is out; imagine this horror game in VR fully immersive sensations,  It will probably send chills down your spine…Check how scary is the resident evil 7 in PS VR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcLl-DZGLZ8

  • VR will be present in more professions and fields, to name a few: Education, Medical, Exploration and Military; I’ll leave it to your imagination for the rest J
  • More experiments and products will keep on blooming here and there, to optimize, enhance and make the experience more immersive by adding scent, haptic movement, and more!

Stay tuned for new experiments, on www.cre8mania.com/lab



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