Understand your Online Target

3 Ways of Understanding Your Online Target

An online presence is an extremely important tool for growing your company. Your website, blog, and Facebook ads are just a few marketing tools that have the potential to drive business growth and profits.

However, all the technology in the world won’t help you if you fail to understand your target market.

In order to begin, you must create a customer persona or a buyer persona by targeting the precise demographics, behaviors, and interests of your customers so that you can find more customers like them and increase your exposure and sales.

Here are three technologies that make building customer personas easy.

  1. Facebook Audience Manager:

Facebook has a huge database of the very likes, interests, demographics, places visited and so on of the billion users it has. Hence, having a Facebook page for your business is a must which gives access to an Audience Insights tool. With this tool you can analyze the followings:

  • Everyone on Facebook: This helps in understanding the market on ground.
  • People who like your page: This is more specific as it helps study the people who are interested in your business and service.
  • Any custom list of emails and/or phone numbers that you upload: This will give you insights into the people who have bought from you, or converted in some other way (signing up for a newsletter, whitepaper, webinar, etc.).

In addition, you’ll discover job titles, education level, lifestyle, location, household information, purchasing behavior, and much more.

  1. Twitter Audience Insights

You should consider having a Twitter account (depending on the country you’re targeting). Like Facebook, you can use Twitter’s audience insights tool to figure out the different interests, demographics, occupations, lifestyles etc. of your Twitter followers. You can even track down the people that are engaging on any Twitter ad campaign that you run or even emails that you upload!

  1. Google ads

When you advertise online with AdWords, you can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they’re searching for your products or services.

When you advertise alongside search results on the Google Search Network you select keywords to help target your ads to people searching for related terms. You can also choose to show your ads at certain times of day, and specify a location and language.

When you advertise on websites that show Google ads, called the Google Display Network, you can get even more specific by choosing the age range of the people you want to reach, the types of sites they visit, apps they use, and their areas of interest. Basically, you can reach more people in more places – pcs, tablets, mobile phones and even apps!


These different ways to target your buyer personas help make sure you’re really aware of who your audience is and puts your advertising dollars towards reaching only the people most likely to become your customers.


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