4 Social Media Tips for Generating Traffic

4 Social Media Tips for Traffic Generation

Absolutely everyone who has a website waits anxiously for people to visit their site and generate something called “web traffic”. The metrics of how much ‘traffic’ your website is generating can make you exhilarated and at the same time, without it, your business is like an isolated, lonely island. Social media, a well-known tool by now for traffic generation, can give your brand the exposure it needs to win prospects, turn them into customers, and boost revenue. Read on to see just how!

  1. Make your posts stand out by utilizing the strengths of each social network

For instance, did you know that just by adding a visual to your tweet, not only do you draw more attention to it, but it boosts retweets by 35%? Not to mention the increase in clicks and traffic.

On Facebook, the trick is using videos. Everyone, from fashion bloggers to Fortune 500 companies are using videos to capture and retain fans. Videos are a more engaging format, with a return of billions of views each day not to mention the higher organic reach in comparison to photos, link posts and text-only statuses.


  1. Engage Actively With Influencers

Get your brand noticed online by engaging with and involving an influencer in your niche. You gain trust and depending on your industry, an influencer can be an analyst, expert, critic, decision-maker or even a celebrity.

If you’re not already in touch with one, you can search for them on social networks by adding a relevant keyword or phrase to see who has a large following and voice. Once you’ve engaged with them, it’s a great idea to interview them and publish a post that your readers will appreciate and share.


  1. Get traffic from your LinkedIn page

You may be experiencing the fact that not all your followers engage with your posts on LinkedIn. Let me remind you of tip #1 mentioned in this article: Utilize the strength of each social platform. Having said so, you’re well aware that your LinkedIn presence is to network with clients, peers and prospects and as a professional network, LinkedIn is all business and practically no entertainment. So if you’re on LinkedIn, you’re actively trying to identify business opportunities and increase brand exposure. A basic tactic is to use relevant customized link text that motivates readers to explore your business a bit more. An easy tip is to replace ‘my website’ or ‘my blog’ with ‘see a 10x increase in website traffic’ or ‘generate more leads now’

Another trick to driving more traffic to your website is to get featured in LinkedIn Pulse. Pulse is LinkedIn’s business news digest, a library of over 50,000 articles added every week. Posts on Pulse average 9,700 views, 30 comments and 230 likes. Pulse stories are also sent to millions of users through the email digest.

Only posts with a large number of likes, shares, comments and views – as determined by LinkedIn’s algorithms – are featured on Pulse. Try to put out quality long-form posts on a consistent basis and you’ll get a ton of traffic to your website.

  1. Include high conversation keywords

Yes, some words perform better than others in generating more social media traffic! Words used in social media content and blog post titles can influence the perceived value of the content being shared. Use action packed words to attract readers and encourage them participate or take action

For instance, words like ‘sweepstakes’, ‘coupon’ and ‘contest’ on Facebook can be off-putting for some people who may view them as being aggressively promotional. Their replacement words ‘winning’, ‘win’, and ‘events’ can be more successful in attracting fans to your contest. Other high conversion keywords on Facebook include ‘where’, ‘discounts’, ‘submit’ and ‘inspire’. The words that stand out on LinkedIn include ‘increased’, ‘created’, ‘improved’, ‘reduced’ and ‘under budget’.


Now you know! You can always contact me for more social media tips and how to grow your business online.

See you!


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