In this dominant digital age, we are constantly challenged to exploit new digital ideas and mediums that best represent all parties involved: from creative digital marketers, to avant-gardist clients and corporations; everyone wants to play a distinguished role in the digital spectrum.
Hence the emergence of DIGITAL INSTALLATIONS that have stood out as being increasingly coveted in today’s communication strategies and brandings.

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Museums all Over the World are Going Digital

Through augmented or virtual reality, laser projections and immersive experience; museums all over the world have been, for the past 20 years, investing in new technologies to rejuvenate their general public and revolutionize their cultural spaces; a key strategy that perfectly meets the needs and expectations of the millennial generation.

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3D Mapping: The other face of Virtual Reality

What is 3D projection or mapping? Well it’s a technique used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may vary from complex industrial landscapes, buildings, theatrical stages to small indoor objects. With the use of a specified software and a projector, the object is reproduced spatially and then the animation created will be projected on the real object fitting its surface.

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Introduction to Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the ability to insert an overlaid digital and virtual information into the real world. It’s like browsing “Life” like you’re browsing the web. One of the common ways of doing this is through smart phone technology.

It might seem revolutionary but the first real world application was the heads up display in fighter jets; where symbols are projected onto a transparent glass screen which takes away the distraction of looking at gages and allow pilots to aim their weapons better.

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The Hologram

The pyramid hologram is the evolved product of an old technique called “Pepper’s Ghost”. Although “Pepper’s Ghost” is not a hologram itself, the hologram herein reflects an image to create the illusion of a floating 3D object in space.

Setting this unit requires a specific software for the animation creation and a projection system that would allow the reflection of the three dimensional visuals inside the prism of glass.

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The Mapbox

What is 3D Mapping?

3D Mapping is based on a projection method that uses objects as a surface instead of screens. When an animation is projected on this object, it turns it into a 3D model creating an interactive display.

The objects used as a surface can range from buildings, theater stages going to small random objects. With the use of a specified software, the object is reproduced spatially in the same environment of the real projection.  Then, with the use of a projector, the animation created will be projected on the real object fitting its surface.  Normally, the projection is backed up with audio sounds or music.

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