A synchronized animation showcasing the Mapbox product alongside its dynamic display on the screen behind it, crafted by Cre8mania

The Mapbox

What is 3D Mapping?

3D Mapping is based on a projection method that uses objects as a surface instead of screens. When an animation is projected on this object, it turns it into a 3D model creating an interactive display.

The objects used as a surface can range from buildings, theater stages going to small random objects. With the use of a specified software, the object is reproduced spatially in the same environment of the real projection.  Then, with the use of a projector, the animation created will be projected on the real object fitting its surface.  Normally, the projection is backed up with audio sounds or music.

3D mapping has alternative names like “Projection Mapping”, “Spatial Augmented Reality” and “Video Mapping”.

Cre8mania’s Mapbox

Inspired from the projection mapping projects, Cre8mania designed a hardware called the” Mapbox” that supports the object used as the projection surface as well as a background screen to double the effect of animation. 2 synchronized animations will be played together; one on the object and another on the screen.

The Mapbox can be produced in different sizes depending on the object displayed.

For more information visit our website or check this video.

Uses of the Mapbox

3D Mapping is an innovative digital communication tool used for advertising. This technique can be easily used to give your product or brand an original and modern profile.

The Mapbox will captivate your audience’s attention and will surely raise awareness on your product. It can be displayed in showrooms, exhibitions, seminars, events etc.

It supports a wide range of products and is guaranteed to attract and promote effectively.

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