Online 3D Virtual Space: A versatile Digital Solution designed for Events, Exhibitions and more.

3D Virtual Exhibition

The VIRTUAL SPACE is Cre8mania’s latest digital solution specifically designed for events, exhibitions, fairs, retail businesses and more. 

You can discover this digital solution through our latest project for the Middle East Institute:

In this project, Cre8mania developed a 3D virtual exhibition in which two main web technologies were used – WebGL and JavaScript – to create a digital version of the venue’s space originally located in New York.

The web app was developed using Babylon Js, a library that helped Cre8mania implement a gamified walkthrough and create a dynamic and interactive viewing of all the art located in the exhibition.

The space was modelled in blender and all the materials and textures were sampled from the original space.

What is the added value of a Virtual Space?

Unlike the 360 virtual tour, the virtual space is a 3D environment built from scratch without relying on a physical space. It can be customized according to the client’s needs and adapted to any sort of services, brands or products.

What are the benefits of Virtual Spaces?

  • Reduce distances and physical barriers: reaching customers worldwide.
  • Offer versatility in use: can be used for various types of projects.
  • Create a rich, “real life” and immersive experience.
  • Allow customized content and scalable solutions to tailor specific needs.
  • Increase brand awareness and help in customer buying decisions.

What are the features of Virtual Spaces?

  • Web based & Mobile friendly
  • Multi browser compatibility
  • HTML and WebGL technology
  • Fast loading
  • Customized and branded space design
  • Content management system
  • Interactive content
  • Streaming videos
  • Music integration
  • Simple forms
  • Chat system

Today, more than ever, corporate businesses of all sizes are choosing to invest in virtual spaces that will allow them to reach their customers from the comfort of their own home, while offering them the same experience they would have lived had they been physically present at the location.

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