How to Define a Successful Twitter Account?

Whether you like Twitter or not, you can’t deny that this social media platform is one of the best medium that helps you connect with clients, customers, influencers… and used well, puts your brand in the light 24/7.

How to define a successful Twitter account?

There are many Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that have to be measured in order to consider if a Twitter account successful or not and it depends on your strategy.

Is it by the number of followers or by number of tweets you post each day?

The answer is easy, it’s all about engagement.

Think about it this way:

What’s the point of having 1 million followers on Twitter and you’re getting 5 retweets and 1 reply?

So, our main question: How to attract and engage more Twitter followers?

We compiled this guide to help you to better attract followers, but not just any random follower: the right ones!

1 – Have a complete Twitter profile: 

If someone is interested to follow you, they will check your profile first, read your bio, check your website etc.  so make sure you have the following:

  • Name: make sure you use your name as a username, if not, a name that reflects your brand the way you want it to.
  • Bio: describe yourself in 160 characters and make it count!
  • Location: Let people know where they can find you!
  • Website: link to your website or blog.
  • Profile Picture: tip: use your logo company.
  • Header image: make sure it has the right size (it’s advisable to use a 1500×1500 pixels picture)
  • Pinned tweet: make sure you pin a tweet of a current event, campaign, competition… that would grab the visitors’ 2-second attention.

2 – Cross promote your profile on other digital assets: 

Embed your tweets in blog posts, link your Twitter account in your email signature, newsletter footers.

Cross promote your Twitter account on other social media platforms, not just by adding the link to the post, but by giving them a reason to do so like the chance to win something, for example.

3 – Participate in live events: 

Whether it’s a Q&A organized by a celebrity, or a chat conducted by an agency, Hootsuite, Sprout Social and many more, participating in these live events will increase your exposure and engagement rates that will lead to a great number of followers.

4 – Post Tweets that grab the attention and increase engagement of your target audience: 

4.1 – Aspirational content: It works especially for fashion retailers for example: Showcase your products with a stylist advice.

4.2 – Thought leadership: Best for financial industries, real estate… Credibility is the most important asset for this kind of businesses, for example, provide tips, help guides… this type of strategy will help to attract new followers.

4.3 – Use images: Tweets that have visuals generate 313% more engagement than those without.

Tip 1: Attach more than 1 image in a tweet. (Did you know you can attach up to 4?)

Tip 2: Tag Twitter users in your image if possible, it’s better than mentioning them in the caption.

5 – Hashtags: 

Use popular, specific, business related hashtags:

For example, if you’re tweeting about old projects that your company did use #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT…

Tip: #Don’t #over #do #it

6 – Post regularly: 

The more you post, the more you’ll be exposed. Experiment posting more than once a day, and notice how your followers react to find the frequency that works best for you.

7 – Improve your Twitter engagement:

7.1 – Follow people back: 

There has been a conflict of opinions between social media experts:

Some say:

  • An equal following to follower may encourage new people to follow you because they’ll assume you’re going to follow them back.
  • Following back is a nice gesture and shows that you’re friendly.

Others say:

  • There’s a good chance these people only followed you to gain follower for themselves and do not actually care about what you tweet.
  • Following too many people can make your home feed noisy and there’s a good chance to miss important tweets.

7.2 – Reply to people who mention you: 

Make sure to reply to every mention, it shows you’re active and engaging with followers.

8 – Expand Twitter reach:

  • Run a Twitter contest: One of the best contests is “follow and retweet to win”
  • Encourage employee advocacy:  People trust other people, so ask your employees to engage with your tweets.
  • Twitter ads: Promote your tweets or account, it’s the most guaranteed way to get more exposure.


Well, there you have it. Give these tips a go and analyze what strategy during which timeframe worked out for you in order to see what you should keep doing. It’s all trial and error.

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