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3 Digital Experiences in Marketing

New approaches and new marketing trends paved the way for better relations between the brand and the customers. Marketing technologies growing fast due to the strong presence of social media and the importance of the digital era. Everything today can be transformed into a form of digital communication that gives a customer the best brand experience. Marketing techniques are evolving by the days and till today we have witnessed a huge success in different approaches.

We will discuss the 3 different digital experiences in marketing. They might really look the same, but they have many differences between them:

Experiential Marketing

Creating a personal interaction can be done through experiential marketing. This type of marketing is based on social sharing. It is based on giving customer a face to face and memorable experiences. The best example of this kind of approach is creating a shareable hashtag that make it almost impossible for viewers not to share, it will become part of an exciting experience for them.

Multi-sensory Marketing

When we say multi-sensory, the word itself says it all. Using all senses, a full exciting customer experience will be delivered. Creating an environment that targets all of our senses. Using the smelling and touching sense mostly will engage with customers and push them to act in a certain way unconsciously.

Immersive Marketing

Taking the customers to whole a new experience and engaging them with the story. It is a transformative way of how we perceive content and how we actually deliver it the customers. Immersive technology gives you a one of a kind immersive experience. It provides people with a digital environment to experience the impossible with the help of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. A computer-created world will be shown to users where they can immerse themselves with a virtual reality.

An immersive experience can combine both experiential and multi-sensory experiences. Hence, focusing on a full immersive experience for a customer is very important. When it comes to an immersive experience, it is like you are actually inside a scene or a part of it. Digital experiences will give people an immersive feeling of being a part of this virtual experience. With the use of digital experiences like augmented reality and virtual reality, those experiences will become more believable and realistic.

Augmented and virtual reality are some of the fast spreading new technologies that can be used in advertising and they are surely a way to capture customer’s attention a very creative approach. They are part of the immersive technology that can relate to users and offer them an extraordinary experience. Immersive technology is associated with a virtually created environment. This will lead to strengthening the relationship of the customer with the brand and make their experience last more when compared to advertising with conventional methods. A strategy like this, put together to generate best end results for both customers and the brand.

Let’s have a closer look on what does immersive technology include and what are its types:

3D Mapping

Turning a real object into a display surface of certain video and projection. Adding extra dimension, using optical illusions and notions of movement to a static object. This technique is mainly used by artists and advertisers to show and promote their work.

Augmented Reality

When a virtual content is used in real world. It is an interactive experience between the real world and an “Augmented” world. It can add a playful and fun aspect to an advertised product. It gives an attractive and successful customer experience.

Virtual Reality

It is a 3 dimensional, computer generated environment. Virtual reality can create an experience that is not possible in an ordinary physical reality. A VR equipment can make a person “look around” an unrealistic world. It is a virtual experience of a person’s reality.

There is a slight difference between augmented reality and virtual reality when it comes to the level of immersion. Virtual reality is delivered by certain digital tools, whereas augmented reality can be done by displaying an image onto a real object. Using VR, people will be replacing what is real with something totally unreal whereas using AR will be enhancing the reality with some artificial imagery. So it all comes to the level of immersive experience and how far the immersive technology will be helpful and suitable.

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