Holograms in Lebanon: A New Marketing Medium

So long Screens, Billboards, Videos, and hello Holograms!

It’s about time we took our products off the shelves and our ideas off papers and brought them to life, don’t you think?

How? Well for starters, Cre8mania invites you to dive into and explore the unlimited potentials of Holographic Displays in the marketing and art world.  Holograms have been gaining market momentum worldwide and are becoming increasingly searched for in Lebanon.

Holograms present a real opportunity to make products and ideas become more alive and intriguing.

By projecting “futuristic-style” displays in 3D dimension without needing any special glasses or equipment for their customers, marketers are setting today a new trend in customer engagement, user experience and brand awareness.

Don’t undermine a holographic experience for business advertising in Lebanon. We know that marketers and brand ambassadors are always on the lookout for new and innovative techniques for their next breakthrough advertising campaign.

Holograms are perfect as centerpieces for creative ad campaigns; they are particularly interesting when launching a new product in the market.

Against general belief, a hologram installation is actually very simple, needing only one electrical socket and a location to place it over. The best part is that a hologram display may be customized into all sizes.

Check out in this video how Cre8mania used holograms as a creative ad tool in Lebanon.

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