7 Tips Today’s Digital Marketers Need to Know

Digital marketing today is the marriage between awesome content and a great strategy. To appeal to the audience, a great marketing plan must be trendy and appealing to the end user. Having said that, we’ve compiled some trends every digital marketer should know.
Instagram can be a success – if you go about it the right way.

First of all, great content is user centric and not brand/product centric. People want cool, interesting content, they don’t want to be sold to. Stop being pushy. As our very first blog explained, the key is to draw people to you by using inbound methods. Think of how you try to avoid annoying tele-marketers… Got it? So, bottom line: use Instagram advertising the smart way, don’t clutter your followers’ feeds with an overkill of advertising.

Search is not limited to Google

Yes, Google is one of the world’s top used search engine. The phrase “Google it” is used in our daily lives but lately, people search for stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. So our advice here: focus on creating and maintaining a presence because social media helps your brand to be found quicker.


Snapchat users are invading the planet. Yes, your story will expire in a day, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that a high percentage of the younger generation alone are on it means you’ve got a good reach (depending on your brand persona). So start coming up with cool content (games/competitions are a good idea) with an expiry and get them to participate in an interactive experience.

Consumer advocacy

Out with celebrity endorsements and in with advocacy. Consumers of today are a lot smarter and marketing savvy. Aim on getting your users to advertise for you! Who would you rather trust, your colleague at work/social network or some celebrity who is paid to say positive things about a product?

Live streaming

More apps are making it possible for brands to broadcast themselves live. Periscope which is slowly but steadily gaining popularity in some Middle Eastern countries is a great way for brands to go live with product launches, events, or even promoting company work culture to increase brand equity. So plan some great content, with your users in mind, of course, and let them in on the brand experience!

Transition from multi-channel to omni-channel

Have you ever started a transaction online then abandoned it halfway and continued at a brick and mortar store? Many of us have. Most brands today have multi-channel marketing efforts but not many see the importance of an omni-channel one. What’s the difference? A multi-channel approach is simply that – multiple marketing touch-points for customers to experience a product or service. An omni-channel experience, however, delivers a unified experience to customers across various touch-points that are all connected. So when you abandon your online transaction and go to the physical store, the backend needs to have the ability to pick up right where you, the customer, left off, to offer an omni-channel customer experience.
We’re in the middle of a digital age revolution with all these technologies which are in return creating exciting opportunities for both consumers and marketers. Your brand must have stamina and ability to adapt quickly to tides of change. Success will depend on a brand’s ability to create user-centric platforms that allow users to actually experience and get hooked, not just seeing it on their feeds.

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