Storytelling: The Power of Brands

Every brand has a story, and some are told better than others. To create a good story to your brand, you need skills, insights and a good marketing strategy.

But first, what is brand storytelling?

It is pure content shared in different ways that engage audiences and get them to take an action you would like them to take (purchase, call, download etc.). Although it might sound very close to content marketing, storytelling is a different content discipline that consists of crafted narratives channeled in different content types.

Having that said, your brand story is based on everything your brand stands for and the messages sent to the people. It’s the experience you want to create and the ideas your brand represents. The story is a complete package of the feelings and interpretations shared by the brand to your community.

Storytelling is an effective way to support your brand and make your audience come back for more.

In Short Storytelling is:

1) The reason why your company was created

2) The motivation your team has when coming to the office

3) The creation of the product

4) The type of customers that find value in your brand

5) Transparency of the company

6) Building a relationship

8) An aspect that support the presence on the web

9) A concept your entire team embraces

10) The values of the company

4 Tips to Great Brand Storytelling:

1) The brand has to be authentic and resonate well with the consumer. The definition of authenticity here is what seems to cut through the clutter that comes from the other brands.

2) Another important element is telling the story as a marketer. Therefore the story to be told needs to be very well understood. The marketer has to realize that in this era, people will understand the story in their own way and his job is to provide them with a content experience that will help them understand that story.

3) In order for a brand to be a good storyteller it has to engage the consumer, so regardless who the brand is speaking to, the message has to be different. There is so much competition and there is difficulty breaking through but when you get an authentic experience and a good quality product, the consumer will respond to that.

4) An additional element to all this is to understand the landscape that the brand is involved in, so the brand has to be emotional and show why is it important to have it in someone’s life. The brand has to make people relate to it in a particular time they are having particular feelings.

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