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Explaining Web AR and VR

Are you ready for the next big thing in the web world? It’s WebAR and it is here to stay! WebAR uses mobile devices to provide dynamic Augmented Reality experiences; the best part? No apps nor downloads needed, just a simple click access from the web page.

Let’s go in-depth through this interview with Cre8mania’s Technical Artist – Zyad Mardini

Can you tell us more about the Web AR / VR hype?

In our ever evolving world of technology, humans are always trying to find a way to become more efficient in their workflow. Efficiency relies on the technology we use.
One of the purposes of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is for humans to connect in a more efficient way using the latest technology.
Another purpose appeared with the rise of Social Media and Digital Marketing and their impact on the global economy; we are in constant state of search for new mediums to market products and create personalized experiences.
While social media is “stuck” to screens, and traditional marketing is one-on-one, the AR/VR experience is a merge of both: AR uses both, the real world and the virtual world.

What is the difference between regular AR / VR and WEB AR / VR?

While the use of regular AR / VR relies on downloading and installing applications in order to function, Web AR / VR has broken down many of those barriers and work with just one click, directly from a web page: no downloads and no applications needed. In this modern digital era, where users are known to be very impatient, this innovation comes as a great added value!

Are there any limitations to Web AR & VR?

While its opportunities definitely outnumber its limitations, a Web AR & VR experience could however face some obstacles due to:

  • Internet speed
  • Hardware capabilities
  • Lack of standardization between platforms (Google vs Apple for example)

Why shift from the regular marketing medium to AR / VR?

It is not a matter of shifting to a whole new medium, but rather adopt AR/VR in the regular marketing medium and to integrate it with current marketing techniques to enhance communication and engagement with the target audience.

How do brands benefit from Web AR?

Web AR / VR could be used in any existing industry across the globe. The biggest brands have realized that the quicker they tap into this new world of technology, the faster they set themselves as trend setters and stand out from their competitors. We have seen IKEA, ZARA, COCA COLA among many others use AR and Web AR to represent their products, increase their customer engagement, and ultimately boost their sales. Brands are bringing their products to life and customers are loving it. Web AR is the easiest way to start thanks to its easy accessibility.

Image Source: Coca Cola
Image Source: Ikea App
  • Consumers no longer guess whether a color or shape suits them
  • Consumers can see exactly how the product looks like in real time
  • Consumers live a personalized experience

Practically, which clients are mostly requesting AR and VR projects?

Globally, we are witnessing a tech revolution in the Movie industry, in Magazine Ads, in Real Estate viewings, in Retail shopping and in Museums.
At the moment, WebAR is mainly attracting clients that want to market and promote products and services. But as this technology advances, and becomes an integral part of the way we interact digitally, every industry that relies on digital technology to function will have to adopt the new media.

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