The Hologram

The pyramid hologram is the evolved product of an old technique called “Pepper’s Ghost”. Although “Pepper’s Ghost” is not a hologram itself, the hologram herein reflects an image to create the illusion of a floating 3D object in space.

Setting this unit requires a specific software for the animation creation and a projection system that would allow the reflection of the three dimensional visuals inside the prism of glass.

Cre8mania’s Hologram

Nowadays, with technology improvement, you can have your own hologram on your Smartphone. You can also have it in your showroom or store or event with this “Prism Hologram” display.

These hologram pyramids are custom designed to make each product exceptional. The main object inside of it will succumb to the magic of holographic imagery and animations and will amazingly be a perfect product demonstrator.

The size of hardware, color and finishing are fully customizable.

To learn more about the hologram, check out this video.

Uses of the Hologram in Marketing

As companies are looking for innovative ways of advertising to catch the attention of their audience, a very good way to do it for them is by having a futuristic display of the product they would like to promote. Hence, the prism hologram.

It is excellent for promoting the product and communicating in an inventive way.

This unit will amaze your audience and will certainly assure an increase of interest, engagement, word of mouth and of course profitability.

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