Our Latest Experiment with HTC Vive

In order to feed our passion for technology in the digital world; we have been working internally on an unparalleled VR experience by providing users with the opportunity to not only look around the virtual environment but physically walk around and interact with the environment using bespoke handheld controllers.

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We pretty much use hashtags every time we want to post something on social media in order to make our content more discoverable. We also use it to search for content and engage with others. But how did hashtags start, why do we need them and are they used the same way across all social platforms?

Well, to start off, hashtags started on Twitter and then became common on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and many other platforms. How hashtags are used differ from one social media platform to another and should be used correctly in order to be efficient. Here’s how:

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Employee Advocacy: Unlock Your Full Social Potential

Employees are one of the most untapped resources that marketers have today, and many companies are nowhere near realizing their full potential. According to Pew Research Center, an average individual has around 200 friends on Facebook. This being said, if 50 employees shared company-related content with their 200 friends, that’s 10,000 people. Do we have your attention yet? This is what employee advocacy is all about, and once applied correctly, it can offer a myriad of opportunities for companies.

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What should we expect from the Virtual Reality (VR) in 2017

Ever since its conception, the virtual reality (VR) has been evolving more and more, technologically and therefore with the content produced;

In 2014, Oculus was brought by Facebook and Google cardboard has also been launched. Then you have every major (and not so major) manufacturer – mainly the smartphone industry – creating VR gear: Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, LG 360 VR.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Using Social Media as a Customer Support Tool

Many companies that were absent from the social scene were amused about how much they didn’t know about their customers and performance. With social media, companies are mending the gaps between themselves and their customers and humanizing their approach in communicating as opposed to previous marketing and advertising efforts.

Here are the Do’s for using social media:

  • Use it as a listening tool.Listen to what is being said about you rather than as a microphone to talk about yourself.
  • Use it for customer support. We’re in the age of the consumer. Use social to directly respond to complaints and speak 1-on-1 with the customer.
  • For answering FAQs.Transparency is key. You will be bombarded with questions so take the opportunity to reply your customers so that they will feel comfortable with your brand.

Here are the Don’ts:

  • Responding with anger.Don’t take messages personally. Keep your cool in any situation because any wrong move will turn the customer into a victim.
  • Replying incorrectly.If you’re ever unsure of what to reply to a customer, pause a bit and consult with your team. It’s better to answer accurately than to provide a wrong answer. It will look unprofessional.
  • Ignoring the attention.Being on social media means you’re in the spotlight so be careful when conversations become heated. Encourage the customer to contact you offline rather than sending messages back and forth where millions of people are viewing.

Social is a double edged sword. It can reward small businesses with cost effective ways to reach their customers and it can also harm businesses that use it carelessly. So carefully review what you do or say and you will be able to control your brand’s story the way you want.

7 Tips Today’s Digital Marketers Need to Know

Digital marketing today is the marriage between awesome content and a great strategy. To appeal to the audience, a great marketing plan must be trendy and appealing to the end user. Having said that, we’ve compiled some trends every digital marketer should know.
Instagram can be a success – if you go about it the right way.

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8 Factors to Design a successful landing page

Building a PPC campaign requires several steps that go from choosing the right keywords to designing your ad and writing the correct sentences to target your audience. All this is done to lead people that clicked on your ad to your landing page.

Therefore, when it comes to building a landing page, design is everything. You have 5 seconds or less to impress and engage your visitor before they leave. So, it should be clear to potential leads what you are selling from the moment they get to the page.

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5 Hacks to Improve SEO with Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand in hand in many ways. When building your strategy, both complement each other so be aware that changes made in either strategy can greatly affect the other. Efforts that focus on integrating social media with SEO have become crucial for any successful digital marketing strategy.

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